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Espiritu Santo



The Blue Hole is a crystal clear, freshwater spring on the island of Espiritu Santo, reachable only by paddling  up a winding clear stream, overhung on all sides with lush jungle foliage, and shrouded with flowering vines.


The colossal wreck of the S.S. Coolidge remains one of the most fascinating dives in the Pacific.  Littered with artefacts, and truly colossal in size, the wreck requires some weeks of diving to see properly.  


When U.S. solders stationed in New Hebrides were recalled home at the close of the second world war, a quick assessment of the cost of transporting the vast fleet of trucks, jeeps, and other machinery home was made – and an insane alternative quickly decided upon.  Thus was created Million Dollar Point.  The local people watched incredulous, genuinely supposing that the soldiers had gone mad, as the men drove hundred of tons of machinery off the edge of a pier and into the sea.


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